About Me

Sarai Pahla (MD) MBChB
My name is Sarai Pahla, I am a fully qualified medical doctor (MBChB) and freelance medical translator living and working in Düsseldorf, Germany. I am currently working as a translator full-time, and am available to assist you with creating high-quality, fluent English translations from JapaneseGerman and Dutch

I attended the University of Cape Town and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery (MBChB) degree in 2005, after which I worked in the medical field. Given the rampant and rapid digitalisation taking place on a global level, I augmented my medical experience with a four-year stint as an IT consultant for Accenture, Johannesburg. Thereafter, I opted to pursue a path towards entrepreneurship, starting off as a freelance medical translator.

As a polymath, my IT and language skills are overwhelmingly self-taught, although with four years of experience in IT consulting and 10 years of experience as a successful freelance translator, I feel that the value that I offer is unequivocal. 

For more information, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Travel and emigration have been a reality for me since a very young age, as I was born in Zimbabwe in 1982 and emigrated to South Africa in 1991, shortly after the fall of apartheid, to accompany my family. This family is directly responsible for my current passion for continued education, as my father was the first native African mine manager in the country, and my mother the first native African native English subject advisor. Coming from a family where ethnicity was never treated as an obstacle, it was only logical that I would forge my own path on the international stage, and have chosen Germany as my base of operations.

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