Our Impact

As autism self-advocates, we aim to provide widespread education on various aspects of autism. By raising awareness, we believe that we will be able to create a positive social impact, improving the lives of individuals with autism who are not employed by our company.

One of these topics is the representation of women with autism, which was tackled in a TEDxMünster talk by one of our founders, Dr Sarai Pahla:

This founder is also scheduled to appear at a panel discussion to be held at the UN Headquarters for the UN World Autism Awareness Day on Thursday, 5 April 2018.

We believe that creating an impact is what drives our business to succeed – without a sense of the responsibility toward the global autism community as a whole, we would not be where we are today. The support, encouragement, funding, knowledge and guidance that we have received from countless individuals and organisations has been crucial in taking us from our humble idea origins to full implementation of our innovative concept.


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