By now, should be common knowledge that individuals on the autism spectrum struggle to integrate into traditional occupational organisational structures, due to the difficulties understanding social cues, and the associated sensory and psychological comorbidities. As autism diagnoses continue to increase, the burden placed on public health and finances by the underemployment and unemployment of individuals on the autism spectrum will present an increasingly insurmountable challenge.

The time for change is now.

Our company was founded by a qualified doctor with autism who faced similar challenges. Despite an advanced degree, and the ability to move seamlessly from medicine into an IT career, and despite establishing a successful freelance translation business thereafter, our original founder experienced the discrimination that is still commonly associated with individuals on autism spectrum. This was her motivation for creating an inclusive company to promote and highlight the benefits of employing individuals autism spectrum, in order to educate both the corporate world and the general public, and provide solutions to ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum are accommodated to the greatest possible extent in any working environment.

To that end, the goal of our company is not merely to provide you with translation, document and terminology management services, but also to aid other companies in their attempts to employ individuals with autism around the world.

The translation industry itself continues to evolve as we journey towards technological convergence, where translation would be expected to be ubiquitous, and will of necessity include the use of machine learning to cope with the increasing amounts of data that we are able to produce as a global society. We remain acutely focused on the progress being made in this regard, as well as the limitations of machine learning in the translation sphere.

As such, we have created an inclusive solution to leverage the benefits of autism spectrum disorders to maximise benefits to clients, with combined use of machine learning technology to achieve the highest possible cost-savings for clients, and all of this with a focus on inclusion. A combination of highly qualified and experienced traditional translators and a team of individuals on the autism spectrum trained to perform specific subordinate translation tasks has allowed us to develop extremely innovative business processes, which themselves are our primary objective as a company.

These processes are then made available to various companies to enable them to employ individuals on the autism spectrum.


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