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Sarai Pahla

You can probably already tell that I love to tackle new challenges. Whether that means studying medicine at the most prestigious and highly ranked University on the African continent or contributing to the development of disruptive technologies, you will always find me where the going is tough. I would love to augment your passions with my tenacity, resourcefulness and vast foundation of knowledge. 

What do medicine, computer science, translation, machine learning, medical writing and regulatory affairs have in common? A demand for accuracy, diligence and a continuous thirst for knowledge!
If you work for a small to medium enterprise (SME), then you know all too well how expensive it becomes when each of these different fields of speciality have to be covered by multiple different people. I offer a comprehensive palette of services priced for ambitious SMEs and healthcare start-ups who are laying the foundation for future disruptive success.

Unique Perspectives

Computer Science

Having my first taste of programming at the age of six, despite my medical career, I have cultivated a passion for computer science and technology these passions have allowed me to greatly exceed the natural capacities of my body in terms of productivity, and are skills that I am excited to pass on to SMEs and start-ups.


My ability to consistently focus on challenging material and topics for long periods of time comes from the fact that I am autistic. I was honoured to meet my role model, Caroline Casey, founder of The Valuable 500, at the United Nations in New York when I spoke at the World Autism Awareness Day in 2018. She is a passionate advocate for improved recognition of disabilities in woman and gave her own TED talk in 2011.

Global Insights

Fascination with the epic sagas of the Middle Ages in the holy Roman Empire ignited my passion for Germany at a very young age. However, being a child of the Global South offered numerous advantages that are visible in the drive and resilience that I bring to every aspect of my life. Deep connections with Far East Asia and my knowledge and understanding of Japanese language and culture continue to open up new opportunities on a daily basis.

Women and Autism

The TEDx Münster team kindly allowed me to use their platform to spread a critical message: autistic women are not invisible. The diagnostic criteria for autism were only developed to diagnose men, and women frequently remain undiagnosed because our behavioural signs and symptoms are heavily affected by socialisation. As a woman who was undiagnosed for many years, I consider it my duty to share my story with the world and encourage others to fight for their diagnoses.

United Nations World Autism Awareness Day

It was my absolute privilege to speak in front of the United Nations in New York about the challenges of being a girl or woman seeking an autism diagnosis. My illustrious co-presenters have been wonderful mentors, encouraging me to continue my work as a highly valued global autism advocate