Public Speaking

Unlock the hidden power of neurodivergence. Create inclusive and progressive teams. Understand the neuroscience behind autism.

Your teams are likely to be made up of a number of neurodivergent individuals. When you create work environments that are inclusive, you will be able to get the absolute most out of each and every employee. This is especially important in highly economically competitive periods.

Uniquely capitalise on the hidden potential of neurodiverse talent by arranging speaking events delivered by an openly autistic medical doctor with corporate professional experience. This will also facilitate the opportunity to ask targeted and personal questions in an appropriately supportive environment. Have a look at the other engagements below to determine if they speak to your corporate culture and values.


Sarai has delivered a talk on the TEDx Münster stage to raise awareness about the unique challenges of identifying and accommodating autism in women.


Sarai participated in a panel discussion at the United Nations headquarters in New York in commemoration of World Autism Day in 2018.

Autism advocacy

Sarai continues to participate in online panels and speaking events to raise awareness about autism and that it offers for both corporations and individuals.

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